Other Housekeeping

Cloudformation stacks created

Do not delete the CloudFormation stacks that were created during the initial onboarding. We use the permissions granted during then that helps us purchase and sell RIs/Savings plan on your behalf.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at support@pump.co

Should I purchase RIs or savings plans in future

Pump is 100% responsible for all the purchase decisions we make on your behalf. That means you have no financial risk when it comes to commitments. If you don't end up using a savings plan or RI that we purchased for you, Pump provides a money-back guarantee after 30 days of no use in the form of an AWS credit.

If you were to make these purchases on your own, Pump would not take responsibility, and the risk would be on you. We strongly recommend that you avoid doing this.

Spinning up an AWS service or discontinuing one

Pump AI continuously scans your purchase history and tries to forecast your future spend. While AI can do its job well, we recommend that you inform us of your plans in advance (if possible) so that we can be even more efficient with our commitments. You can leave us a message on the chat or email us at support@pump.co. We will soon embed this feature in the product itself to make it more convenient.

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