Democratizing FinOps for, everyone else.

Larger companies (like Netflix and Uber) negotiate direct deals & discounts with cloud providers that startups do not have access to. They also have large finance & DevOps teams with extensive experience to help them find the most efficient savings possible.

AWS incentivizes long term commitments with high discounts. How high?

Pretty high, a whopping 72% for a 3 year RI!

But not every company can take an advantage of these cost savings. Even copious amounts of planning from Finance and Engineering teams doesn’t keep up with the dynamic nature of cloud usage.

But with Pump's group billing, together we can all take advantage of these savings. The more, the mightier we are!

How Pump saves money

  1. We forecast your individual spend. 

  2. We auto purchase commitments on your behalf (Reserved Instances/Savings plans) so you get the maximum discounts.

  3. We guarantee a 30 day money back on those purchases, i.e if your actual usage is lower than our commitments for 30 days - we allocate it to our other customers, sell them on the AWS marketplace or the last resort of giving you the equivalent AWS credits.

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