Our Features

Sophisticated AI

Taking your individual historic spend data and our collective customer spend data, our models are uniquely trained to make the right purchasing decisions for everyone. Pump constantly manages discounts - purchasing, optimizing and selling.

Consolidated billing

Consolidated billing across all our customers is further forgiving and adds higher efficiencies to allocate unused spend across.

Intuitive user experience.

Meant to take the complexity away from the cloud, Pump is built for anyone at the company to understand cloud cost savings.

Only proceed to join Pump if you find your estimated savings meaningful.

And we are *FREE*

Pump monetizes through a small percentage from the volume discounts of the collective large spend achieved. 100% of our revenue comes from AWS.

We believe saving costs should not be a cost in itself for our customers, all we ask is for you to commit to working with us for a year, so we balance our risk accordingly.

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