Money back guarantee

Pump is the only company with a real money back commitment in form of AWS credits capped to the entire AWS bill.

In case of overcommitment resulting from unused savings plans or reserved instances that Pump has purchased for you within any 30-day period, you are eligible for the entire amount in the form of AWS credits for the next month.

These credits are capped at your entire AWS bill for that month, unlike any other company on the market that simply waives its own fees for the month, regardless of the language they use. Please make sure to read the fine print of any company you consider for your cost savings, particularly regarding this clause.

Not only does Pump not charge you for the cost savings we find for you, but we also believe it is only fair that our customers should not be held responsible for overcommitment that occurs as a result of our mistake.

Additionally, please note that this money-back guarantee does not apply to overcommitment made by the customer or any third party that also optimizes your cost savings.

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