Step 1 - View Estimate

Excited to get started, with Pump - you can put your savings on autopilot, without any engineering effort or financial risk to you. Our AI does the heavy lifting, we plan, purchase, sell AWS commitments on your behalf as your AWS usage fluctuates in real time. As a first step, we ask you to connect your AWS account to Pump.

We follow the least privilege principle (AWS's security best practice) when it comes to role creation, i.e. we only ask for minimal scoped permissions for every action you take.

The first step, The PumpBillingReadOnly IAM role policy is a pre-defined policy that grants read-only access to billing information, granting the following actions on all billing resources

These actions allows us to only view information about billing reports, cost and usage reports, and other billing-related resources in the account.

Hitting the 'Connect AWS' button should take you to a creation of AWS CloudFormation stack page, scroll down all the way to the bottom, and check this box to proceed.

In a couple of minutes, you should be all set and view your estimated savings with Pump!

This is how much Pump could have realistically saved you had you been with us for the last two months, if you like the numbers you see here, please proceed to step 2

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