Post onboarding

Danger zone

Do NOT delete or modify the CFN stacks created in the previous onboarding steps to join Pump. The permissions granted here permit Pump to buy and sell RIs and savings plans in real time. Without these permissions, we wouldn't be able to provide you with savings, or worse, we wouldn't be able to help you get out of unused commitments, thus wasting your money for nothing.

0-2 days

Once your AWS account joins our AWS organization, it will take up to 48 hours for the data to become visible in Cost Explorer. Cost Explorer will wait until the beginning of next UTC day to consume the new CUR generated daily. This happens every time there is an org change. In the Pump App, we utilize the Cost Explorer API to mirror the information shown in Cost Explorer (including both costs and Pump savings). In the meanwhile, you can use the Pump app to view your historical cost data.

1st of the next month 1

This is the first time you will receive an invoice from Pump. Please note that our invoice only covers your AWS charges from the day you joined our organization until the end of the month. AWS will still send you their invoice covering the previous days of the month before joining Pump. For more information on invoices from Pump, please refer to this link.

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