General FAQ

How is Pump free?

Pump monetizes through a small percentage from the volume discounts of the collective large spend achieved. 100% of our revenue comes from AWS. We believe saving costs should not be a cost in itself for our customers.

How does the group buying work?

Larger companies negotiate direct deals & discounts with cloud providers that startups don't have access to. But with consolidated billing, we do! And beyond the volume based discounts that we've negotiated, our AI constantly plans, purchases and sells the most effective AWS commitments on your behalf. As your environments grow, shrink or have inevitable spikes, Pump dynamically adapts.

What AWS services do you arbitrage the cost for?

The list of AWS services that Pump covers is in here. We are the only company that covers such an extensive list of AWS services.

I have free AWS credits. Can pump help?

This is case by case - while we cannot help most companies on free credits, we can help companies with certain type of free AWS credits

What permissions am I handing off?

Our permissions are at the billing layer only. We ask you to join our AWS organization and use only IAM roles and permissions to perform all the required cost optimizations and AWS APIs to enable these savings.

Do I risk our actual AWS environment because of Pump?

Pump would have ZERO ability to modify your environment. There is zero-touch to your infrastructure; thus, there is no chance for any server downtime or interruptions to your developer workflows!

What is the minimum monthly AWS spend needed? Is there a maximum?

We work with companies with over $1000/mo. spend to all the way to the millions.

Do you only support AWS? What about GCP & Azure?

Not yet, but we have it on our roadmap for Q2 2024.

I have more questions. Where can I find answers?

We'd love to help! Email us at or text us at 650.468.0297 for the fastest response from the team.

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